Current Research

There are three main research projects that we have underway:

1. Invitations to academic staff and faculty to write posts about their experiences using, creating, and implementing digital technologies in the classroom.

2. An in-depth investigation into the creation (or explosion) of “digital media labs” or “zones” in Canadian universities. We will interview the directors of these labs, analyze the results, and publish our findings through a series of blog posts.

3. We plan to send a call for posts (CFP) to humanities students nationwide. In the interest of placing reasonable boundaries on the amount of posts we will receive and also staying within the director’s research capabilities, we will ask students to share their experiences in humanities classrooms. This CFP will be sent to faculties, departments, twitter feeds, Facebook pages and another other suitable venues. Two Research Assistants, an MA and undergraduate student will be required to organize, edit, and analyze the posts. The posts will be uploaded on this site for public consumption and will provide invaluable information about not only what students are using in the classroom (and other academic spaces), but also what they want to use – they may even propose new ways of using or envisioning digital media and tools.

4. Down the line, we want to explore creating an e-book that offers an interactive means to engage with the contents of this site plus a print text of the interviews and most viewed posts. The e-book will be topographical in nature. Most e-books mimic print texts, but this “mimesis” enacts the classic McLuhanesque problem of mistaking the form of the old media for the content of the new.  If we think of a screen as a window that allows us to navigate a map or space, then we can conceive of a new way to read multimodal work, which is what this next leg of the project we will engage.

I hope you find our work useful!

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